When it comes to condominium living, there simply aren't any amenities or services included for pets who are considered residents too. We are set out to enhance the lifestyle within luxury condos by bringing a high end service to convenience pets and pet owners alike with our new amenity. 

Vanessa and Carolina, two friends with the utmost compassion and understanding of pets, together saw the need for The Woof Republic to be born. As they say " We're not just a business, we're a Republic!" and they are building an empire representing just that! From pet service amenities for condos, community engaging events, and helping pets find "furrrever" homes, The Woof Republic is living up to their name.


 The pet care amenity 

exclusively for luxury condominium

living in South Florida 



The one stop shop for pet amenities for condo & services for residents


 The utmost care & comfort is priority for pets while owners are away.

Pet boarding facilities no longer need to be an option with

 The Woof Republic at your service! Our style of pet sitting is in the comfort of your own home

for ultimate pet safety,

comfort & your peace of mind!


Our dog walking service is the most popular added amenity to the association.

For the condo: By offering this unique amenity to residents, your association stands out from others and all pet related needs are handled by the professionals.  Pet database & events are included with this amenity


For the resident: In addition to the complimentary walks available to you by your association, we provide a la carte walks all day, every day, rain or shine!


We have revamped

the grooming experience for pets & pet owners with our PetSpaw conveniently located

within your condo!

For the condo: Take your amenities to the next level with an onsite PetSpaw operated & maintained by us.

For the resident: Convenience, trust and exceptional service provided for all grooming needs. Easy pick up/drop off from apartment to Spaw. Best of all, no cages or long waits!


PetSpaw, dog park, vet appointment, grandma's house or airport transfers


All transportation needs

are provided by us with every detail 

thought out & arranged for our

Woof Pack!


An important piece of

The Woof Republic amenities

is cleaning up after our woof pack. Leave it to us to make sure your property (in & out) is waste free, doggie bag stations are refilled & maintained,  

Dog park consultation and building is another feature we help bring into your condo's community.

The common "Yappy Hour" has been transformed into our very own

Woof Social!

 We believe dogs are the ultimate ice breaker, that's why Woof Social was created - the perfect event for dogs & their owners to enjoy together!



We couldn't be happier with The Woof Republic and how caring they are of our Maltipoos. From overnight dog sitting to grooming, they are incredibly responsive and  do an exceptional job all around. Our dogs love them!

- Riley & Daisey's mom 

Grove at Grand Bay

I have to say that over the past 3 years of working with you and your team, every one of you have been kind, professional and most of all Manolo loves each one of you.  So thank you for providing a fantastic service to our building and more importantly to our household.

-Manolo's dad

Echo Aventura



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