Meet the Founders


We are Vanessa De Las Casas and Carolina Fiol, founders of The Woof Republic. With our passion for pets and hospitality, we have innovated the way pets live within South Florida's top luxury condominiums. We are the pet amenity providers and problem solvers, delivering in innovation and peace of mind! Our mission is to continue changing the pet service industry and building a community around the love for pets.

Hospitality. Trust. Innovation. 

Meet the Woof Pack


Passion is our culture. At The Woof Republic, we have built a team of people who unite around their passion for pets and hospitality! We believe strong team culture will directly influence the quality of service a company produces. Everything we do is built purely on this. Here, we have a team excited to represent the company they are a part of in an environment created to teach, motivate and support one another. 

That is The Woof Republic experience and culture.