Wynwood Dog Food Co. Canine Probiotic

  • Summary: This high potency multi-strain probiotic contains bacteria known to inhabit the gastrointestinal tract and to reduce the duration of acute diarrhea in strain-specific clinical studies. 5 billion CFU (colony forming units) is a higher dose than many other probiotic products, designed to ensure active potency. The bifidobacterium strains are commonly used to help promote normal gastrointestinal health. Enterococcus faecium is known to assist in the resolution of acute diarrheal disease, and lactobacillus strains, commonly found in cultured foods, also help to promote normal intestinal flora. A synergistic blend of probiotics (soluble fiber) is included to provide a substrate for the provided bacteria. Inulin and FOS have been shown to improve stool quality, and acacia gum provides a soluble fiber readily digested by intestinal bacteria. The combination of probiotics and prebiotics is now frequently recommended for intestinal health.

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